Nintendo announces Pokémon 3DS app release dates

iOS launch still too Farfetch'd.

Nintendo's upcoming Pokémon companion apps have been given European release dates.

Need more information on your Nidoking? Pokédex 3D Pro will be available to download from the 3DS eShop on 8th November.

The app is an upgraded form of the current Pokédex, and will cover every single Pokémon species and form unveiled to date.

Nintendo will helpfully remove the existing free version from the eShop on 11th October - the day before Pokémon Black and White 2 are released in Europe. This is "to ensure players have acces to the Pokédex that will aid them the most while playing". Although the new version won't launch for another month.

Pokémon Dream Radar arrives 12th October, meanwhile. That's the day before Black and White 2's launch. It allows you to catch critters that have invaded your living room through Augmented Reality. You can then transfer the monsters - and attached special items - into Black and White 2.

Nintendo do not mention whether the apps will be free or not. In Japan the pair launched as paid downloads, with Pokédex 3D Pro costing as much as 1500 yen (Ł12).

Pokémon Black and White 2.

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