Podcast #123: Being Simon Parkin

He makes games! He writes articles! Find out why and how.


I googled Simon Parkin and found this image. It's not him, but you can understand why I used it.

It was amazing to everyone here when we discovered that Simon Parkin, who has been part of the Eurogamer family for many years, has never appeared on the podcast. As soon as we found out, we cleared the schedule (not that we had one) and booked him in.

You probably know Parkin because he wrote The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2, one of my favourite features ever, or because he ate a burger with Jenova Chen. He also gave Uncharted 3 8/10, prompting the internet to go temporarily insane. That act also made him the only game reviewer I know to inspire an actual (fake) movie.

That's not all he does though. He also makes games for Littleloud and, er, probably some other stuff. To me he's just Parkin. To celebrate his inclusion on this week's podcast, we talk to him about his career, games journalisms stuff, making games, and we even resurrect Sandy Isle Games in his honour. How many JRPGs will Simon take to his island? Find out the answer by listening to the podcast.

In other good news, James Hills was away this week so we didn't film this one. For the record, I was wearing the Game of Thrones hoodie and Parkin had orange trousers.

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