QuakeCon Steam sale: get Bethesda games on the cheap

The chirpy chirpy cheap cheap.

The annual QuakeCon extravaganza is rumbling away in Dallas, Texas, and Steam's having a Bethesda-related sale to mark the occasion.

The headline deal is a whopping great QuakeCon bundle that has more than 20 games - 300 worth - for one neat 70 lump sum. Includes a lot of expansions, incidentally.

In addition, there will be special daily deals. Today is Elder Scrolls day, when you can pick up The Elder Scrolls Collection for 40.98 (47 per cent off), Morrowind for 4.41 (66 per cent off), Oblivion for 5.09 (66 per cent off) and Skyrim for 17.49 (50 per cent off). There are loads of brilliant mods available for the older Elder Scrolls games to bring them, visually, up to date.

Technically, The Elder Scrolls day is Thursday's sale, according to Bethesda's press release. Friday is Rage sale day (50 per cent off), Saturday is Fallout sale day (everything 66 per cent off) and Sunday is Quake/Doom sale day (everything 75 per cent off).

There's also a QuakeCon-prompted sale happening on the App Store, in which all id Mobile-made games will cost 99 English pence.

Morrowind gets a Death Becomes Her-style makeover.

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