Ada Wong campaign confirmed for Resident Evil 6


Resident Evil 6 will feature a secret campaign starring crossbow-toting antihero Ada Wong, publisher Capcom has finally confirmed.

The long-rumoured addition during was unveiled during latest round of previews for the game, alongside the Dark Souls-inspired Agent Hunter mode.

Wong's campaign will be unlocked after the main game is completed and, unlike the core Leon, Chris and Jake offerings, will see the enigmatic character acting alone.

The fourth story thread will help players see the main three from another perspective, Capcom said.

While Ada Wong's presence in the game has been known for some time, the existence of a separate campaign has been a loosely-guarded secret.

It was all but confirmed last month when game files mined from the Resident Evil 6 demo showed Ada Wong would be playable.

There's plenty more about the fourth campaign - and Agent Hunter mode - in Eurogamer's just-published Resident Evil 6 preview.

Ada campaign gameplay footage from Resident Evil 6.

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