Final Fantasy creator's iOS surfing game is out now

Commotion in the ocean.

Final Fantasy creator Hironobi Sakaguchi's studio Mistwalker has released its first iOS game, Party Wave for $2 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Described on the app store as an "action surfing game" it seems to involve juggling surfers over sharks, jellyfish and sting rays. There's also overhead view segments where you must guide your party members to a goal.

The game gets its name from a surfing term where several people catch the same wave and yell out "party wave!"

"When I heard those voices, I decided to make this game where game players can experience the fun of surfing together," said Sakaguchi on the game's official site.

Mistwalker currently has two more unannounced iOS projects in the works.

Check out the Party Wave trailer below to see it in action. Note the credit for "dog and voice acting" at 1:53.

First footage of Mistwalker iOS game Party Wave

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