Wasteland 2 early screenshot released

inXile calls for feedback.


An early screenshot of Wasteland 2.

inXile has released an early screenshot of Wasteland 2.

The image, generated by the Unity game engine, is designed to generate feedback on the basic look of the post-apocalyptic role-playing game. It does not include particle effects and post-processing, "which will have a dramatic effect on the scene," inXile chief Brian Fargo said.

"This represents just one of the various environments for Wasteland 2 so expect to see other quite different locales," he explained. "Also, this particular camera angle is on the low end of a range that the player can adjust upwards to a much more top-down view, for those who prefer that style during game play."

According to Fargo the development team has been "working at full steam" generating ideas. "There will be no lack of originality and deep game play in Wasteland 2," he promised. "The team has risen to the challenge of making a rich world that will capture a post-apocalyptic atmosphere and provide a unique experience for each player that dives in."

There's more on the creation of the look and feel of Wasteland 2, from environment art director Koy Vanoteghem, on the game's Kickstarter page.

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