Battlefield 4 beta access an Origin pre-order bonus for MOH Warfighter

EA's PR plan gets a bit ahead of itself.

Update: We've heard back from EA and, surprise, the publisher won't be making any comment.

Original story: Battlefield 4 has been mentioned by EA.

The publisher dangled Battlefield 4 beta access like a golden carrot, as a reward for people pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Said carrot-dangling was done on EA's home turf: Origin.

Blooper? PR trick?


The blood-stained evidence.

Both the advert (spotted by Digital Spy) and a tweet by the Battlefield account (picked up by VG247) have since been removed.

The tweet apparently said, "Battlefield 4? If it isn't on, it isn't official!"

The mention of Battlefield 4 suggests that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 may not be the next blockbuster shooter made by DICE after all.

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