Dyad dated for PSN

Hallucinatory mind-f*** racer arrives this month.

Update: McGrath issued the following statement regarding an EU release on NeoGAF (thanks captain_Carl!):

"It will be at least a month, I'm really sorry, I feel *REALLY* bad about it. I'm going to try to do something special for EU people... I know you guys get shat on consistently with release dates... I didn't really understand why until I tried to do a simul release myself -- it's at least an extra two - three months of work. I started working on the Europe version four months ago and it's still not ready =((((((((( I don't feel good about it, SORRY!"

Original Story: Trippy tube racer Dyad is coming to PSN in North America on 17th July, Sony has announced.

It will cost $14.99 with a 20 per cent off discount for PlayStation Plus members.

No European release date has been revealed, but we've pressed for comment and will update as we hear back.

The game seems to give REZ HD and Child of Eden a run for its money in the audio-visual brain-melting department. Creator Shawn McGrath wrote on the US PlayStation Blog that players will "experience a mind-bending harmonious synthesis of color and sound while hooking, grazing and lancing their way toward mastery."

The game contains 27 "sensory-scrambling psychedelic campaign stages," 26 "tactical freakout Trophy levels" and 26 Remix levels that "lead to new heights of interactive relaxation and is recommended for gamers at risk of health complications."

See colours you didn't know existed in the release date trailer below.

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