Nintendo slashes prices on 3DS AC adapters by 33 per cent in Japan

Could the price drop migrates West?

Nintendo is significantly reducing the retail price of its AC adapters for 3DS, DSi, DS XL and 3DS XL in Japan.

Starting 12th July, the prices will drop from 1,500 (just over 12) to 1,000 (8), Andriasang has reported.

This follows news that the 3DS would not be packaged with an AC adapter - a move met with consternation by many. While the US release in August will see it bundled with a charger, Europe will have no such luck upon the system's launch on 28th July. Perhaps this price drop is indicative of something that could happen here as well.

For more information about the system, Digital Foundry just released its official 3DS XL review earlier today.

"This enlarged system is the clear choice if you've yet to dip your toe into the waters of glasses-free 3D gaming, but we're not entirely sure it offers enough benefits over the previous hardware model to justify the making the transition - which, thanks to Nintendo's lacklustre data transfer procedure, is quite painful," wrote Damien McFerran in his appraisal.

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