Steam-style Origin sale offers up to 87% discount

A week after claiming sales "cheapen" IP.

EA has revealed a raft of discounts for its download platform Origin, including a deal worth 87.5 per cent off the price of Dragon Age: Origins, RPS has spotted.

Origin boss David DeMartini claimed last week that rival Steam's practice of deep-discounting games by up to 75 per cent risked cheapening IP, and promised not to do the same.

The FloorPrice sale offers 75 per cent discounts for titles such as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Spore, Darksiders and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

These sale prices reflect discounts on the games' current Origin pricetag, not their original RRP. Taking that into account, the offer accounts for an even larger saving.

"We won't be doing that," DeMartini claimed, reflecting on Steam's sales. "Obviously they think it's the right thing to do after a certain amount of time. I just think it cheapens your intellectual property.

"We're trying to give you a fair price point, and occasionally there will be things that are on sale you could look for a discount, just don't look for 75 per cent off going-out-of-business sales."

Dragon Age: Origins trailer

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