Gaikai to stream "console-like experience" in Samsung TVs

Announces Samsung Cloud Gaming.

Gaikai has signed a deal with Samsung to stream video games through their TVs.

The cloud game service works on Samsung Smart TVs connected to the internet. Samsung Cloud Gaming, as it's called, goes into beta in the US soon.

Gaikai boss David Perry said: "Our vision is to provide the same access to video games that consumers enjoy with TV shows, movies and music. Our research made Samsung the obvious partner to turn this vision into a reality.

"Samsung is the largest TV manufacturer in the world and Gaikai is the industry-recognised fastest cloud-based streaming service for video games. Together, we will turn Samsung Smart TVs into a console-like experience capable of delivering the best-selling video games and other content instantly to consumers - no downloads, no extra hardware, no trips to the store."

Games will launch directly from the Samsung Smart Hub, included in high-end 2012 Smart TVs (beginning with the Samsung 7000 series and up).

Gaikai promised a "diverse" selection of triple-A content "appealing to both families and gamers alike". You can use a controller with the Samsung Smart TV.

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