Dead Amalur MMO Copernicus glimpsed in new screens

Curt Schilling releases fresh images.

New creenshots of canned MMO Copernicus have been posted online by Curt Schilling, boss of scuppered Kindoms of Amalur: Reckoning developer 38 Studios.

Copernicus looked to have been fairly far along in development, judging by the images Schilling posted to his Facebook page, which follow an earlier leak.

The MMO was to have been set in the same universe as Amalur, which Schilling described as "the most magical, breathtaking and awe inspiring world ever created".

Copernicus now looks unlikely to see release, unless another company buys the unfinished project from 38 Studios, which recently ran out of money and laid off all staff.

A Kingdoms of Amalur sequel was also in the works.

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