Snapshot announced for Vita, PS3, PC

Smart indie puzzle platformer due this Autumn.

Indie puzzle platformer Snapshot arrives on PlayStation 3 and Vita this Autumn, developer Retro Affect has announced.

As detailed in a guest post on the PlayStation Blog, you'll have to take snapshots of pieces of the environment and then manipulate the resulting image to solve a puzzle and progress.

"As you progress through Snapshot you'll use the camera in new and interesting ways, like taking photographs of light and using it to interact with physics," explained developer David Carrigg.

"Your camera even captures an object's momentum. This, combined with the ability to rotate photographs as you paste them, leads to more complex and interesting gameplay. For example, if a snowball is falling when you snap a photo, the snowball will hurl upwards if you paste that photograph back into the world upside-down."

See the trailer below for a look at the game in action.

The download will support cross-platform saves between the two systems, though you'll likely have to buy the two versions separately. Retro Affect is still working out pricing details.

The developer hopes to offer Move controls on PS3 and touch screen controls on Vita. A PC version is also in the works.

Snapshot trailered for Vita, PS3

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