Podcast #111: Speed-Dating Your Questions

Bramwell and Bertie brave the barrage. Podcast host Tom Champion has been ill! He's been as sick as a dog. A rescue dog. A rescue dog with fleas, and with arthritis in its back legs. Poor mutt. But he's back now, and so is the podcast.

Only, well, I wish he'd done some preparation. Instead, in he wafted with no bloody idea what was going on. The real patients (test subjects, even) were to be Tom Bramwell and me, Robert Purchese, his guests.

But it was calamity averted when Champion looked for a champion among you, our listener(s). In a moment of delirious ingenuity he gathered your questions, thousands of them (well, a couple of dozen), cobbled them together and fired them pow-pow-pow at our faces.

"Why is EVE so mental?" he bellowed. "The return of turn-based games like Shadowrun!" he yelled. "Is Mario a mass murderer?" he erupted. And on and on and on and bark bark bark.

What unfolded was one of the brightest and most consistently interesting podcasts I've ever been a part of. If only I knew more. If only I was Tom Bramwell.

Mind you, would Tom Bramwell have done that thing with the desk? Those of you who watch the video recording will know what I'm talking about. [I doubt they will have a clue either way. -Ed] Podcast #111 video

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