PEGI says Deus Ex coming to PS3 soon

UPDATE: Square Enix confirms, reveals release date.

Latest update: Deus Ex, Conflict Desert Storm 2 and Conflict Vietnam will be released on the EU PlayStation Store over the coming weeks, Square Enix has now confirmed.

Deus Ex will launch on 16th May for 7.99, while Conflict Desert Storm 2 will follow on 23rd May for the same price. Conflict Vietnam launches on 30th May for 5.49.

The trio of titles follow the launch of Just Cause, available today in the latest EU PlayStation Store update.

Update: "We can't comment on rumour or speculation," Square Enix has told Eurogamer.

Original story: The original Deus Ex may be coming to PlayStation 3 - and soon.


That's what PEGI said.

The chances are that it's a PSN re-release of the PS2 port, Deus Ex: The Conspiracy.

The evidence was supplied by PEGI, the European age ratings body, which doesn't tend to be too far off the mark.

The listing is for Deus Ex, age-rated 16, on PS3.

Square Enix's new Deus Ex game, Human Revolution, was age rated 18 - as was its Missing Link expansion.

The PS2 port of Deus Ex arrived two years after the PC original, flaunting various cosmetic touch-ups. Given its age, the game's impact wasn't as great. But, as Eurogamer's Deus Ex PS2 review concluded, it's "still an amazing, immersive and downright life-stealing game".

Fast-forward to 2011 and to Deus Ex: Human Revolution expansion Missing Link.

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