Mario Tennis Open lobs new StreetPass features

The umpire strikes back.

Mario Tennis Open will serve up a number of new features for the Mushroom Kingdom-themed spin-off series, including full support of the system's StreetPass functions.

Exchange StreetPass data with another player and you can play computer-controlled versions of them, both in full matches and Ring Shot challenges. You can also compare Mii characters, which are customisable with stats-boosting outfits and unlockable accessories.

Online and local wireless multiplayer is available, alongside monthly leaderboards and bragging rights over Victory Medals, won from every opponent you defeat.

Nintendo has also detailed a new mode: Ink Showdown. You and an opponent will seek victory in the face of ink-spitting Piranha Plants, whose projectiles you must destroy.

New characters include Mario Galaxy's Luma, Baby Mario and Dry Bowser. You'll need to scan special QR codes to unlock the game's full cast.

Mario Tennis Open launches in the UK on 25th May, from the safe hands of regular Mario Tennis (and Golden Sun) outfit Camelot.

Mario Tennis Open 3DS gameplay trailer

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