Zangief, Bowser, Eggman cameo in new Disney flick

Wreck-It Ralph pays homage to video game villains.

Forthcoming animated Disney flick Wreck-It Ralph will feature cameo appearances from a number of gaming icons including Bowser, Dr Eggman, Street Fighter's Zangief and the ghosts from Pac-Man.

As detailed by Entertainment Weekly, the movie, due out in November, tells the story of the titular video game bad guy voiced by John C Reilly.

After the arcade which houses the Fix-It Felix Jr cabinet in which he's the antagonist closes its doors, he hops from machine to machine via the building's power supply in an effort to change his ways and become the hero. Duly, he bumps into all manner of familiar faces along the way.

Bowser, Eggman et al, apparently appear in a scene where Ralph sits in on a support group for video game villains, along with Kano from Mortal Kombat, Coily the Snake from Q*Bert and Resident Evil zombies.

Later in the film, Glee's Jane Lynch will voice a Halo-esque space marine while comedian Sarah Silverman is Vanellope Von Schweetz - the star of a Mario Kart-inspired title called Sugar Rush.

There's no footage online yet, though you can check out the poster below.


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