New Arma 3 footage reveals alpha test setting

Stratis-pheric excitement builds.

PC shooter Arma 3's community alpha test will be set on the fictional Greek island of Stratis, developer Bohemia Interactive has revealed.

Arma 3 is due in "Q4 2012", so any time during October to December. But before that Bohemia plans a rigorous schedule of alpha and beta testing to iron out the game's creases.

"Stratis fits our setting perfectly," Arma 3 creative director Ivan Buchta said. "Mostly because of the dense vegetation, it feels different than Limnos, and by adding many fictional features, we've enhanced the original realistic terrain.

"I'm sure players will love the scenery: the military camps, airbase, radar site, romantic coves - not to forget the shipwrecks and rocks scattered underwater."

Arma 3's detailed in-game fiction places Stratis nearby the island of Limnos - the game's 300km-square primary terrain. It was originally supposed to be Greece's first 'green' island, relying completely on renewable energy. However, due to its strategic position, it was repurposed as a military base for the US Army task force, helping them to monitor NATO's frontline against advancing Iranian forces.

"The fact that Stratis is relatively small, compared to the gigantic Limnos area, should not fool you; the island has enough space to facilitate all kinds of gameplay," Buchta added. "Once the Community Alpha is out, I'll be watching from the best sniper spots!"

Arma 3's Stratis.

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