Podcast 109: Fez! Trials! Witcher!

Oli and the Toms talk XBLA's greatest and the world's worst tutorial before playing some music!

Ready your accusations of bias, because this week's podcast is a bit of an Xbox-fest - by accident, not design, we promise. That's if three awesome 360 sort-of-exclusives releasing in the space of six days is an accident! (It probably is.)

Toms Champion and Bramwell are joined by Oli "gaming's Andrew Marr" Welsh this week to talk about the progressively less snappily titled Fez, Trials Evolution and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition. There's a special treat for those of you that stick it out to the end (and yes, we will know if you fast-forward).

First up is Polytron's swoonsome Xbox Live Arcade adventure game, Fez, released last Friday and reviewed rather favourably by Oli. Find out why Brammers shouldn't be scared of its mind-bending concept and what Champ, who hates platform games and puzzles, thinks of this puzzle platformer.

Then we move on to another XBLA hero, tomorrow's Trials Evolution, sequel to one of the download platform's most enduring successes, Trials HD. Brammers, whose glowing review has just gone live, explains how RedLynx has managed to expand the appeal of the hardcore time-trial warhorse without alienating all those crowing leaderboard elitists such as himself.

For his part, Champ's been playing Enhanced Edition of CD Projekt's excellent RPG The Wticher 2 - available on Xbox 360 this week, after the original game appeared on PC last year. Oli reveals how - after Fez rekindled his love for games, as documented in Game of the Week - The Witcher 2's tutorial came close to extinguishing it again. Champ explains why he should persevere.

Finally, we're delighted to be able to play out with a track from the superb Fez soundtrack album by Disasterpeace, which is released this Friday. Yes! Music on the podcast, as if our voices weren't mellifluous enough. Let us know if you'd like to hear more game music on the podcast in future.

Thanks for listening. The Podcast graces whatever passes for airwaves these days at 5pm every Tuesday.

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