Battle Duty: Modern Field 3 storms App Store top 10

Meddle of honour?

Familiar-sounding shooter Battle Duty: Modern Field 3 is currently sixth on the App Store's top 10 free games.

The iOS title allows you to fight enemies across a range of visceral environments.

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Battle Duty Modern Field 3.

Battle Duty Modern Field 3 is a fast-paced game where you tap the screen to take out enemies and fight to keep your gun reloaded.

An optional in-app purchase removes ads, unlocks all levels and will apparently fund the development of sequel "Battle Duty 2".

Another option exists to turn the game's graphics off entirely. The results are... surprising.

Battle Duty Modern Field 3 is developed by Sergey Brezhnev, self-styled "saviour of the vidya gaem" industry. He previously was a producer's assistant at Electronic Arts. Perhaps.

According to its official description: "Battle Duty: Modern Field 3 is an epic AAA quality game with a budget of 100 million dollars designed to crash low-budget indie titles like 'Cowadoody' and 'Battlederp' series."

App Store publisher Apple tends not to pull games that clearly infringe copyright until after a complaint is made. How long will Battle Duty: Modern Field 3 last?

A trailer for the game lies below.

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