Q from Star Trek doing a voice for Quantum Conundrum

"You reveal yourselves best in how you play."

Q from Star Trek is doing a voice for Quantum Conundrum.

John de Lancie, who played the much-loved omnipotent alien in Star Trek: The Next Generation, plays Professor Fitz Quadwrangle in the upcoming first-person puzzle game.

Quadwrangle is described as "wacky and endlessly inventive". "Hopelessly lost in another dimension, Professor Quadwrangle is determined to guide his nephew through his extraordinary, yet extremely hazardous, manor home," reads the official blurb.

Quantum Conundrum is made by Airtight Games and Kim Swift, one of the creators of Portal.

Said Q, no doubt while clicking his fingers: "The professor's character is funny, a bit bizarre, and a great joy to perform. If players have half as much fun with the game as I did playing the character, then they'll be having a great time."

There's a video of de Lancie chatting about appearing in the game below.

Quantum Conundrum Q video

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