Fable Heroes officially unveiled

Four-player XBLA game ties in with forthcoming The Journey.

Having accidentally stumbled out on Xbox's official site earlier today Fable Heroes has now been officially unveiled, with the four player beat 'em-up confirmed to be coming to Xbox Live Arcade later this year.

Fable Heroes is being developed in-house at Lionhead by a team headed up by Fable 3 quest designer Ted Timmins. It's the work of 20 employees, and development commenced last April - and while a release date hasn't yet been confirmed, it'll be prior to the release of Fable: The Journey this September.

Fable Heroes feeds into the Kinect-exclusive Fable: The Journey, with avatars and unlockables being shared between the two. Unlike previous Fable tie-ins such as Kingmaker and Coin Gold, Fable Heroes is a fully-fledged game, featuring drop-in/drop-out co-op and a slew of content.

There's no price-point just yet, although Timmins hinted that it will come in at the lower end of the XBLA scale.

First Fable Heroes in-game footage

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