Twisted Metal demo, day one patch confirmed

Addresses key balance issues.

David Jaffe has confirmed plans to launch a Twisted Metal demo.

In a video blog, the outspoken Eat Sleep Play chief announced a day one patch for the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Jaffe, who in the past has pulled no punches in expressing his disdain for patches, said the Twisted Metal day one patch is "very, very, very small".

"I've gone on record: I hate patches. But that said - they're important in some cases."

It addresses "a couple of bugs", he said, but is primarily charged with implementing last-minute balance tweaks.

"Once you go gold, you have a couple of weeks to really play the game, and me and the QA guys, we're just like, 'You know, this seems a little unbalanced. It would be really cool if this weapon did a little less damage.' It takes a lot of time to suss those things out," he said.

Ramming damage, for example, will be reduced.

Plans for a bigger patch that may alter the game's maps are, as of now, on hold. "You start downloading a huge, memory-intensive level and it starts to feel like, 'I just bought this, I just wanna play,'" Jaffe explained.

"If the game is successful enough we'd love to do future tweaks and adjustments to the game, and some of those hopefully will be level-based. Those might be a little longer."

Eat Sleep Play will only return to Twisted Metal if it is successful enough and fans call for changes - or if huge bugs are discovered.

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