Microsoft sells 8.2 million Xbox 360s in Q2

Entertainment and Devices revenue up 15 per cent.

Microsoft sold 8.2 million Xbox 360 consoles during the last three months of 2011.

Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division, which includes its gaming business, posted revenue of $4.24bn (2.73bn) for its financial second quarter, a 15 per cent increase on $3.69bn (2.38bn) in the same period the year before. Woo! Jump in!

Overall the company posted net profits of $6.624bn (4.276bn), which hardly buys you anything these days, compared to $6.634bn (4.282bn) in its second quarter results in 2010.

Microsoft revealed at CES earlier this month that it has now sold 66 million Xbox 360s worldwide, with 40 million people connecting to Xbox Live since the service launched.

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