Alan Wake's American Nightmare spotted

New name for XBLA Night Springs?

The German video games rating board has leaked the title of a new Alan Wake game: Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

It's listed as an action-adventure game for the Xbox 360 and received a 16+ rating, reports Siliconera.

Is American Nightmare the upcoming Alan Wake game for Xbox Live Arcade?

Several previous reports had the title pegged as Alan Wake's Night Springs, suggesting a link to the paranormal television show penned by titular character Wake.

Has the title changed everywhere, or is this merely a European-only name change? We don't have long to wait and find out - the game gets a full reveal at the Spike VGAs this weekend.

Whatever it's called, the new Alan Wake has a "pretty damn impressive storyline that expands the original in some interesting ways," developer Remedy previously insisted, defending the decision to downsize the next entry in the series to a downloadable release.


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