Xcom dev 2K Australia put on BioShock Infinite

Worked with Irrational on BioShock.

Xcom developer 2K Australia has been put to work on BioShock Infinite and given its old 2K Australia name back.

The story comes from MCV Pacific.

2K Australia has gone by a number of different names, including Irrational Games (when it helped Irrational HQ in Boston make BioShock), 2K Australia and 2K Marin (when it began work on the Xcom reboot with 2K Marin HQ).

Xcom was recently delayed until sometime before March 2013. This, coupled with 2K Australia's new role, suggests Xcom is on the back burner while BioShock Infinite, a crucial 2012 release for 2K, is finished.

That Irrational and 2K Australia worked together on BioShock bodes well. After all, BioShock turned out okay. And BioShock Infinite looks every bit the sequel BioShock deserves.

The Xcom project had a less confident start. The new first-person shooter direction was widely scrutinised, and the delay from the announced March 2012 date to sometime before the end of March 2013 suggested something was amiss.

A whopping 20 minutes of Xcom gameplay.

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