Steam Trine 2 has PC/Mac cross-platform multiplayer

Stereoscopic 3D support added.

The Steam version of Trine 2 has PC/Mac cross-platform multiplayer, Finnish developer Frozenbyte has announced.

The on-going beta is now available for the Mac, and cross-platform multiplayer is enabled for those who have pre-purchased the game.

Frozenbyte has added stereoscopic 3D support via Nvidia 3D Vision to the two-level PC beta. This will be added automatically when the game launches next month.

"Trine 2 looks stunning with 3D Vision," Frozenbyte boss Lauri Hyvärinen said. "We knew it was going to be good but it really caught us by a surprise just how great it looks. Trine 2 has been built in full 3D, and while some of this may go unnoticed when the game is played normally, 3D Vision makes it pop out in a way that is just amazing."

All versions of the game use Steamworks for easy multiplayer, Achievements and Steam Cloud. A DRM free version of Trine 2 is due out next year.

The Trine 2 Collector's Edition will be sold in shops in Europe as a boxed product, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive. This includes an artbook and the digital version of the soundtrack.

And there's a PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade version in the works.

Trine 2 home shopping trailer

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