Evidence points to BioWare's new game being Command & Conquer

Made by developer Victory Games.

That BioWare game teased by a very short video last night may be a new Command & Conquer.

An employee of Victory Games - an EA developer known to be rebooting Command & Conquer - listed her place of work as a BioWare studio on LinkedIn.

Superannuation spotted it, Kotaku reported it. But the reference on LinkedIn of Victory Games being a BioWare Studio has since been removed.

Victory Games making Command & Conquer under the BioWare label fits with the "new direction, new game, new studio" text that was flashed during last night's video.

Victory Games' promise of a Command & Conquer game reveal "later this year" also fits with BioWare's promise of a December Spike VGA reveal.

Plus, consider the BioWare game footage teased last night: a tank in an urban cityscape shooting at armoured personnel carriers (APCs). That, too, fits with Command & Conquer.

BioWare, the developer, is renowned for role-playing games. But the BioWare label has no such constraints: "The BioWare label is a division of EA which crafts high quality multi-platform role-playing, MMO and strategy games," its cover statement reads.

There was another train of thought suggesting this BioWare game could be something to do with Visceral Los Angeles and a new Mercenaries game. But Superannuation, a credible internet sleuth, has now poured water on that idea.

"Correction of earlier tweet: mysterious BioWare game probably is a military thing developed at EALA but has nothing to with Mercs Inc," Superannuation tweeted.

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