Massive Minecraft user statistics revealed

A mere 292 million log-ins a month.

Lots of people play Minecraft. And lots of people means big numbers.

One of those big numbers is 241,920,000, which is the amount of log-ins Minecraft has each month.

That statistic was one of a handful shared at Minecon this weekend passed, and reported by GameFront.

Broken down, that number represents 1000 log-ins per hour. When Minecraft 1.0 launched last Friday, there were 4000 log-ins per second.

The Minecraft launcher has now downloaded 2 billion files. And 11,000 skin downloads happen in game every second.

More than 4 million people have bought Minecraft, making tiny developer Mojang - and game creator Markus Persson - very rich indeed. Eurogamer's Minecraft launch review dished out 10/10.

"Minecraft is a towering achievement in the very possibilities of gaming," wrote reviewer Alec Meer, "and it does this without losing itself to either esoterica or cynicism. It is a game anyone can play and anyone can get something out of, no matter how skilled or imaginative they are."

Behind the Minecraft scenes.

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