Minecraft Easter egg spotted in Skyrim

Bethesda hides cheeky nod to trademark adversary.

Bethesda appears to have included a cheeky Minecraft Easter egg in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

As reported by Geekology, you can apparently pick up a 'Notched Pickaxe' in the game's Throat of the World region.

Given Minecraft creator Marcus Persson's 'Notch' handle and the fact that the item in question bears a definite resemblance to the indie game's main excavation tool, it seems likely that it's a deliberate nod. See the screengrab below for a closer look.

As widely reported, Bethesda and Notch's Mojang outfit went to court last month over a trademark dispute. Bethesda claimed that Scrolls - Mojang's next game - was too close to its Elder Scrolls brand. Notch disagreed, as did the presiding judge.


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