GameStop: trade BF3 to get MW3 for 0.99

Will you?

GameStop UK will sell you Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for 0.99 if you trade-in Battlefield 3.

To enable the deal, buy Battlefield 3 before midnight on 27th October; then buy Modern Warfare 3 before midnight on 7th November; then send Battlefield 3 back so that GameStop receives it before 18th November.

If those steps are followed, your GameStop account will be refunded for MW3 minus 0.99.

That means you get around three weeks of Battlefield 3 play before you must send the game back.

Note that Activision increased the RRP of Call of Duty games to 54.99 back with Modern Warfare 2. Normal games sell for RRP 49.99, and shops usually knock at least 10 off of that.

That's why Modern Warfare 3 costs 41.97 at GameStop while Battlefield 3 costs 36.97.

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