Japan Vita pre-orders prefer 3G version

Plus, early adopters not hot on software.

The 3G version of the PlayStation Vita is proving much more popular with Japanese pre-orderers than the standard system, according to a local retail expert.

According to a Tweet from retailer Sinobi, as translated by Siliconera, 65 per cent of all reservations taken on the first day of pre-orders last week were for the 3G-enabled unit.

82 per cent of all those placing a pre-order also picked up a memory stick, with 72 per cent choosing the 32GB card.

Sinobi also reported that software pre-orders for the new system got off to a slow start, with an average of 0.57 games purchased per unit. Still, it's early days.

The Vita formally launches in Japan on 17th December, with a European roll-out expected early next year.

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