Ofcom to investigate ITV over ArmA gaffe

Broadcaster in trouble over "human error".

UK media regulator Ofcom will investigate ITV after it used footage taken from ArmA 2 in a documentary and claimed it was an 1988 IRA film.

Ofcom received 25 complaints after the ITV documentary mistakenly labelled footage from ArmA 2.

ITV apologised over the incident, which it blamed on "an unfortunate case of human error".

After ArmA 2 fans spotted the extraordinary gaffe, the documentary, Exposure: Gaddafi, was pulled from ITV's online catch-up service ITV Player.

"The events featured in Exposure: Gaddafi and the IRA were genuine but it would appear that during the editing process the correct clip of the 1988 incident was not selected and other footage was mistakenly included in the film by producers," ITV said in a statement. "This was an unfortunate case of human error for which we apologise."

The Guardian reports Ofcom's investigation into ITV will determine whether the incident constituted a breach of its broadcasting code.

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