Orcs Must Die! PC demo on Steam

Do as you're told.

There's a PC demo of promising action strategy game Orcs Must Die! available this minute on Steam.

It's nearly a jiggly-byte in size (995MB).

Orcs Must Die! is the first game made by Robot Entertainment - one of the teams formed from Ensemble Studios' ashes (Halo Wars, Age of Empires). Good pedigree, then - like a shiny dog.

In Orcs Must Die! you defend your fortress from an invasion of smelly orcs. At your command are troops, spells, ranged weaponry, melee weaponry and, crucially, traps. You can booby-trap an area and combine with spells to lay waste to waves of orcs. The more you kill and the quicker you do it, the higher your score soars.

Orcs Must Die! arrives this week on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow.

Orcs Must Die trailer will blow you away

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