The PlayStation Vita box, launch apps


Sony has revealed the PlayStation Vita box (ooh) and descriptions of all launch applications (aah).

The box, cardboard, has a swirly, two-toned blue pattern.

On the pictured PlayStation Vita screen you'll see some beguiling but friendly icons. Let's decipher them together, using the European PlayStation blog's key.

  • Welcome Park (the hand pointing at numbers 1, 2, 3) - Mini-games to get you to know the Vita
  • Party (little man with headset) - Assemble a group of eight people to text, voice and cross-game chat with
  • PlayStation Store (shopping bag) - Buy things for money
  • Group Messaging (speech bubble) - Send updates, pictures to friends
  • Photos (camera) - Photo taker and viewer
  • Near ("near") - Location-based social tool
  • Trophies (trophy) - What you've earned
  • Music (quaver music note) - Music player
  • Friends (two square heads) - Friends list, organiser
  • Internet Browser ("www") - Surf the web

PlayStation Vita arrives in Japanese shops on 17th December - 26 games are promised for launch.

Europe and the US still await the specifics of an early 2012 release date.


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