Katamari creator resurfaces with Glitch

Eccentric MMO launches today.

Glitch, a cute free-to-play browser MMO from a team that includes Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi among its ranks, launches today, developer Tiny Speck has announced.

According to the announcement, you can expect a "non-violent, highly social, web-based, massively multiplayer game that takes place in the collective imagination of 11 particularly imaginative giants."

"The world exists on a persistent, ever-evolving playground with the aim of creating infinite play. Designers and players create the Glitch universe in tandem, the former constantly modifying and improving the platform, while the latter cultivates a sophisticated and irreverent online civilization."

The suitably bonkers launch trailer below might, or might not, shed a little more light on what you can expect. If you're tempted to give it a whirl, you can try the game out now on its official website.

Vancouver-based Tiny Speck brought Katamari man Takahashi on board as a game designer earlier this year. Takahashi, who also made 2009 PSN curio Noby Noby Boy, left Namco Bandai in 2010 after 11 years with the publisher.

"The reason why I quit Namco was because I started to feel like I didn't belong there any more," Takahashi told Eurogamer at the time.

"The games I was making were not necessarily the best-selling ones. I realised Namco was, as a business, going down a bit."

Glitch launch trailer

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