Grand Knights History gets UK release

Vanillaware PSP adventure incoming.

Grand Knights History, a new PSP RPG from Odin Sphere/Muramasa developer Vanillaware, gets a European release early next year courtesy of Rising Star Games.

The rather lovely medieval-set turn-based adventure sees you battling it out on behalf of one of three warring factions: Union, Avalon and Logres.

You'll recruit a squad, train them up and then dispatch them to the persistently online warfront. Fear not though, there's plenty of offline questing included too.

The game had a successful launch in Japan last month, topping the charts in its debut week.

"Muramasa: The Demon Blade was a huge success story and a pleasure for us to work on," commented Rising Star MD Martin Defries.

"Vanillaware represents everything good about Japanese games development and I am delighted that Rising Star Games is once again associated with such an esteemed team. We are extremely excited to combine our expertise with such talent on another release in Europe."

Check out the Japanese launch trailer below for a closer look.

Grand Knights History trailer

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