Charge for importing Dance Central tunes

400 Points to move tracks into sequel.

It will cost you 400 Microsoft Points to import tracks from the first Dance Central disc into the forthcoming sequel, publisher Microsoft has confirmed.

As detailed on, you'll need to enter a code from the original game's manual then download an Import Pack to move songs over to the new game.

However, if you pre-order the title from a participating retailer you'll get a voucher giving you the pack for free.

Take note though - you'll likely need to own a new copy of the first game, rather than a second-hand disc, to import the songs.

"Import codes are unique to each game manual included with the original Dance Central and are one time use," reads the website blurb. "Consumers will need to purchase a new retail copy of Dance Central to take advantage of the import functionality."

DLC tracks purchased for the original game will automatically be available in your Dance Central 2 library.

The sequel to Harmonix's well-received Kinect launch title is due out on 21st October.

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