Vita Remote Play detailed

Sony shows off Wii U-esque features.

Sony has revealed a few more details about the PlayStation Vita's Remote Play capabilities.

Speaking during his keynote address at TGS today, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida showed off a number of examples of how the new handheld can interact with the PlayStation 3.

He played a brief section of Killzone 3 streamed into the device from a PlayStation 3 unit, noting how a few of the Dual Shock buttons missing on the Vita are mapped to the touchscreen.

The picture was crisp but there was occasional lag evident in the demonstration.

Then he demonstrated how Vita can be used in co-operative play with PS3 games. While a colleague played through a specially constructed LittleBigPlanet 2 level with a Dual Shock controller, Yoshida controlled an aeroplane via the Vita's touch screen, helping Sackboy reach his goal by altering the environment.

Finally, he showed a Vita streaming movie content from Japan-only PS3 TV recorder Torne, explaining that the handheld could be used as a second TV if the family set is being used for something else.

Development on the Remote Play features is still underway, with Sony hoping to give third parties access to the tools later this year.

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