A Frozen Synapse demo has been born

Thawed you'd like that.

A demo has been released for Frozen Synapse.


You know, that confusing-looking but actually bloody brilliant PC game.


The one Eurogamer smacked a 9/10 kiss on.


You can download the demo from either Steam or GameFront.

The demo contains a randomly generated single-player Skirmish as well as three hand picked missions from the campaign.

To celebrate, the Steam price of Frozen Synapse will be halved from Ł19 to Ł9.50.

Gushed Alec Meer in Eurogamer's Frozen Synapse review: "Frozen Synapse takes the old, the stuffy and the traditionally glacial and it makes it brand new, instant and brutal. It's such an achievement."

Frozen Synapse launch trailer

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