Anderson: directors don't know games

Tomb Raider "wasn't very good."

Resident Evil film mastermind Paul WS Anderson has blasted Hollywood directors for "not knowing" the games their film adaptations are based on.

In fact, "a lot of video game movies are made by directors who don't know the video games they are based on from a hole in the head," Anderson told MCV.

Complacent movie-making folk who "don't immerse themselves in games" are taking the "wrong approach and clearly those movies don't work".

Which movies in particular? "I was excited to see the Tomb Raider movie the first time it came out. I saw it, it wasn't very good."

Bad films can "fool" audiences with an interesting film license, said Anderson, but unless its quality is high enough audiences won't return for a sequel. Returning to Tomb Raider, Anderson stated he "wasn't very excited to go and see the second film."

Anderson claimed this contrasted with his own work on the Resident Evil series. "Despite what a lot of haters on the internet might say, I love the Resident Evil games."

The Resident Evil films have made over 767 million. A fifth, Resident Evil: Retribution, is on the way next year.

Retribution continues the story of super soldier Alice (played by series star Milla Jovovich). She'll be joined by some familiar Resident Evil faces - fan-favourites beardy Barry Burton and president's daughter-rescuing Leon Kennedy will be making their first movie appearances.

The upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City.

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