Street Fighter x Tekken gets Kuma, Ibuki

Teaser videos inside.

Japanese ninja girl Ibuki and giant bear Kuma are playable characters in Street Fighter x Tekken.

Street Fighter main man Yoshinori Ono showcased two teaser trailers, below, which confirm Ibuki and Kuma's appearance, at the Evo 2011 fighting game tournament in Las Vegas.

Ibuki and Kuma join Ryu, Kazuya, Ken, Nina, Guile, King, Abel, Marduk, Cammy, Bob, Chun-Li, Julia Chang, Sagat, Hwoarang, Dhalsim, Steve Fox, Poison and Yoshimitsu on the playable roster.

Previous trailers indicated Hugo, Cody and Guy are playable, too, although these characters remain unconfirmed for now.

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game include inFamous' Cole MacGrath as a bonus playable character.

Street Fighter X Tekken character teaser

Street Fighter X Tekken teases character

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