Podcast #74

PC gaming! Konami's Steve Merrett!

Hello gentle listener and welcome to the latest Podcast. This week we're delighted to welcome back "The Velvet Owl" Will Porter and UK games industry veteran Steve Merrett, who has done Konami's PR for nearly a decade and has literally touched Hideo Kojima several times.

This weekend we reported on comments from Epic Games' Mark Rein about how PC gaming has "shot by" consoles, so we chat to The Velvet Owl, who used to edit PC Zone, about his thoughts on that.

Having been dimly amused by the news that is redirecting to the Battlefield 3 website, we also chat about the best and worst PR stunts we can remember, including the time Konami broke journalists' fingers and a worryingly high number of promotions that involved eating weird animals or being sent bags of offal.

We also talk a bit about Konami's upcoming line-up the latest Pro Evolution Soccer, which we've been playing in the office, as well as Silent Hill Downpour.

And to round things out, we catch up with The Velvet Owl about something else he's been doing contributing to hot new indie PC sensation Project "The New Minecraft" Zomboid, "The Zombie Survival RPG".

Amazing scenes. Join us again next Tuesday at 5pm UK time for another round of this fluff.

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