Podcast #71

Duke Nukem and E3 aftermaths!

Hello you! And welcome to the Podcast!

This week's slightly late instalment brings together the incessant rabbiting of me, Tom Bramwell, and my less annoying colleagues Rob Purchese and Christian Donlan. We and our views on Duke Nukem Forever and E3 in particular are presented by your dourly dynamic host Tom Champion.

Duke Nukem, eh?! It's finally out and it has met with a punishing response from critics. But while it may be a bad bet for a good time, it's a fascinating experience for students of gaming history and raises more interesting questions than anything else we've played in a while.

We have a crack at answering some of those, obviously, but we also spend a bit more time with E3. Sure, we've already done four podcasts about it, but looking at the show from a week beyond gives us a different perspective, and there are lots of threads to pick up on – whether it's Sony and Nintendo's unsettled pitches for Vita and Wii U or the growing muscularity of OnLive.

Plus of course there's time for Metabet (regrettably) and a jingle-related call to arms for our more dedicated and creative listeners. Will anyone step up? Possibly find out next week.

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