PS Home experiencing record traffic

Sony employees "dancing in the streets".

Sony employees are reportedly "dancing in the streets" following a new influx of visitors to virtual world PlayStation Home.

It's all happened since PSN was restored after the hacking attempt, according to executive Jack Buser.

"We're having record traffic in Home," he told Gamasutra. "The week we restored the service, we hit a new record in terms of weekly unique users."

Apparently Home is the only segment of PSN to exceed previous traffic records since PSN returned.

"We were watching the numbers and we were just so excited. We were just dancing in the streets," Buser said.

"The numbers are through the roof. I think it speaks to the loyalty of our user base, and to the power of these kinds of platforms."

Rumours that it's actually all down to a 68 year-old woman from Milton Keynes accidentally installing the service while attempting to watch a Michael Buble DVD are unkind and unnecessary.

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