Zelda level in Super Mario 3DS

Top-down homage to Link.

Super Mario 3DS will feature a top down Zelda-themed level in honour of Link's 25th anniversary, Nintendo has revealed.

One stage showcased by producer Yoshiaki Koizumi during a round table event at E3 today saw the game switching to A Link To The Past-esque top down view as Mario moved from room to room dodging familiar Zelda obstacles and solving puzzles.

Koizumi also discussed a few other elements that will feature in the title. As well as the raccoon suit sighted in the game's logo, the game also sees end-of-level flagpoles and the classic Mario B-dash making their 3D debut.

As well as 3D and top down stages, you can also expect a few 2D side-scrolling stage as well.

Look out for a full Eurogamer preview of the game later in the week.

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