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Has the Resistance developer left PS3 exclusivity behind?

Eurogamer: So when will you reveal more?

Ted Price: Not going to say yet, but of course we will. It's easy to go too far and to give away the game experience before its time. We want to present the basics and demonstrate that Overstrike is a very different take, and is at the same time a very Insomniac game.

Eurogamer: What makes it an Insomniac game?

Ted Price: The exotic weapons and gadgets. We've always been committed to doing crazy, ridiculous things with our weapons and gadgets. It's the story and the characters and our dedication to creating deep story and developing characters throughout the game, which is something is maybe done less these days than it used to be.

Eurogamer: Why do you think that is?

Ted Price: It was something we discussed heavily on Resistance, where we moved to a more story-driven game because we felt many of the action games that were being released were lighter on story than we as players liked.

So we feel there's an opportunity to weave gameplay and story together more than there has been, simply because our own tech has improved and because players are now more used to real-time storytelling in games. Five, ten years ago the paradigm was: gameplay segment, long cinematic, gameplay segment that maybe had nothing to do with story, long cinematic.

Now we're seeing much more of a blurring of the lines, and we're trying to push that pretty heavily with all of our games.

Eurogamer: Valve is good at that.

Ted Price: They do a great job. They were for sure a pioneer in that area. We've looked very closely and been fans of what they've done over the years.

Eurogamer: Will Overstrike launch in 2012?

Ted Price: We haven't confirmed the release date yet.

Eurogamer: Where did the idea for Overstrike come from?

Ted Price: We've wanted to work on a multi-platform franchise for a while. We made the decision to do so a couple of years ago. We also knew it was time to come up with a brand new franchise, something that would play to our strengths.

In particular, the strengths we build on with all of our games: our love of exotic weapons and gadgets, our adherence to story-driven games with deep characters, and our interest in these very different universes where we can break the rules, if you will, for what is possible and what isn't.

Eurogamer: Why did the team want to make a multi-platform game?

Ted Price: We recognise we have a very loyal fanbase among Sony players, and we love them. We're definitely dedicated to them. However, we've always wanted to reach out to an even broader audience. The Xbox 360 audience has been a viable, vibrant audience for a long time. This was just a chance to do that.

Eurogamer: You've made PlayStation games exclusively for a while now. What challenges does Insomniac face making a game for Xbox 360?

Ted Price: There are certain technical challenges when you're working on a multi-platform game, as most multi-platform developers will tell you. We've planned carefully to address those, whether it's difference in the media you're delivering on, or the technology required to support the multi-platform game.

However, the multi-platform development has been going very smoothly. It was not something we went into lightly. We planned in advance for this.

Eurogamer: Given your expertise with the PS3, will the PS3 version have the edge?

Ted Price: Both versions will end up being very similar. To be fair, we can't really say until the final game is out, but certainly all of our tests so far have demonstrated a parity between our two builds.

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