Iwata: Wii U price likely over $250

What does that mean for Europe?

The Wii U will "likely" cost more than 20,000 ($250/150), Nintendo leader Satoru Iwata has revealed.

His comments were made to The Nikkei Japanese newspaper and reported by Bloomberg.

Price was a key contributor to the success of Wii. The Wii launch price was 25,000, $249.99, 179.99.

Can Nintendo go under 200 with Wii U?

UK and European prices are set by the shops not Nintendo. But consider the 3DS, and even the PlayStation Vita, and European prices are rising.

The 3DS launch price was 229.99/249.99 - a disproportionate conversion of the Japanese (25,000) and US ($249.99) prices.

It's a similar story with PlayStation Vita: the base Wi-Fi model costs 25,000 or $249.99. In Europe that price translates to 249.99. UK shops are listing Vita's base Wi-Fi model at 230.

Therefore, the chances Nintendo will stay under 200 or 200 with Wii U are very slim.

An official Wii U price hasn't been confirmed.

Eurogamer played with Nintendo's Wii U at E3 yesterday. "Today's star, then, is the part of Wii U you can pick up," wrote Oli Welsh. "Good job it's absolutely sensational."

Wii U.

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