Ruin announced for Vita and PS3

Sony Diablo clone goes cross-platform.

Sony has announced Ruin, a Diablo-style action-RPG which will be released on both PlayStation Vita and PS3.

The game, developed by Idle Minds and Sony Dan Diego, will allow you to use cloud saving to move your game across the two devices.

Ruin will have a social element, whereby "other players are your rivals," it was announced on stage. You'll be able to "help, hinder or even harm them" through PSN play, but also interact through Twitter and other social channels.

Players have lairs which are protected by dungeons; the better you do in the game, the more impressive and difficult your lair and dungeon will be.

There will also be the action RPG staples of multiple character classes and tons of loot. In action, the game looked very, very close to Blizzard's in-development Diablo III; it had the same quasi-isometric perspective and a similar art style, if less detailed, dark and bloody.

Combat appeared punchy, with a melee warrior dashing quickly between groups of enemies before smashing them to a pulp.

No release date was mentioned.

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