Problems with Nintendo 3DS eShop?

Launch has errors, high prices.

There are teething problems with the freshly-launched Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Readers are reporting error codes while linking Club Nintendo accounts and visiting the eShop.

The error message advises rebooting your 3DS. Some machines work after this, others are taking longer to respond.

We've asked Nintendo for comment.

The 3DS eShop adds a Virtual Console selling GameBoy and GameBoy Colour oldies; a DSiWare shop; and capabilities for demos and other content to be downloaded to 3DS memory cards.

The eShop is Nintendo's App Store, in other words, but games are much more expensive on 3DS than on iOS devices. Plants vs. Zombies, for example costs a massive 7.20 on Nintendo's eShop. On the App Store, PVZ costs 1.79.

Other reports note that the US eShop has far more content than its European equivalent. In Europe you'll find just three Virtual Console games, Pokedex 3D and Excitebike to download, as well as the forgotten swathe of DSiWare games.

Nintendo will no doubt reference the eShop at its E3 press conference this afternoon. That gets under way at 5pm BST (UK time) and the Eurogamer team will be reporting live from the event in real-time.

The eShop firmware update.

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